Investor Services


Gilmartin Ley acts for a variety of property investors.  Some have previously been corporate clients and have become investors over time as a result of property acquisitions which are no longer used for corporate purposes.  Other investor clients of Gilmartin Ley are private family trusts - who invest for the long term.  Gilmartin Ley also advises developers who are expert in acquiring sites with or without planning consent - this sort of client is usually interested in maximising the return from their asset over a relatively short time period (1-4 years). 

Whether you are a property investor by occupation or you are the advisor to the investor, such as an accountant, solicitor or trustee we make a point of understanding each client's specific requirements, keeping those requirements confidential and tailoring our advice accordingly.

Gilmartin Ley's investor clients might use us to provide all or just one of the following range of services:

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